Dr.T.Joseph Ratna Jayakar Profile
English Department - Faculty


Dr.T.Joseph Ratna Jayakar
Associate Professor

Qualification:M.A(English), M.A(P.A.), PGDL, PGCTE, Ph. D.(JNTU)

Specialization: Literature and English Language Teaching (ELT)

Phone No:9440236602


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2 The Predicament of Dalit in ‘Untouchable Spring’. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.19,No.3 2014
3 “Challenges to Vernacular Learners (L1) in Acquisition of English Language (L2) at U.G. Level in Hyderabad Region.” IISTe Journal of Education and Practice Vol.4,No.14 2013
4 “Professional Communication for Better Work-Life Balance.” IISTe Journal of Education and Practice Vol.3,No.6 2012
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