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Chemistry Department - Faculty


Dr.Shaik Mustafa
Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Sc, Ph.D(IICT-H), Post Doc.(SSU, South Korea)

Specialization: Organic Chemistry

Phone No:9703787968


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1) Principal Investigator of UGC (Govt. of India) Major Research Project of cost Rs: 12,35,800/-. 2) Principal Investigator of DST (Govt. of India) Major Research Project of cost Rs.24,80,000/-. 3) Qualified CSIR-JRF, SRF, NET, GATE-2002 4) Obtained AUCET-2000 Chemistry 7th rank.
SlnoTitleJournal NameVolumesYear
1 Cu-Complexes of Pyridyl Tetrazole Ligands with Pendant arms Amide and Hydrazide - Synthesis, Characterization, DNA binding and Antioxidant Properties Transition Metal Chemistry (Springer Journal) Accepted 2016
2 Synthesis, Antimicrobial, Bactericidal and Anti-Biofilm Activities of novel Pyridyl Tetrazole Analogs Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 8 (11), 1-6 2016
3 Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of pendant arm - pyridyl-tetrazole Cu(II)complexes: DNA Binding /cleavage activity and Cytotoxic studies Chemistry & Biodiversity 12 2015
4 Synthesis, structure elucidation and DFT studies of a new isomeric pyridyl-tetrazole Derivative Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 1907-1911 2015
5 Unexpected one pot C(Aryl )-N bond cleavage and Questiomycin A formation from the reduction reaction of 2- amino-6-nitrophenol derivatives Tetrahedron Letters 6104-6107 2015
6 Synthesis, characterization and DNA cleavage studies of isomeric pyridyl-tetrazole ligands and their Ni(II) and Zn(II) complexes. Journal of Saudi Chemical Society In press 2015
7 Synthesis and characterization of IMPY derivatives that regulate metal-induced amyloid-ß aggregation. Metallomics 3, 284–291 2011
8 Versatile Route to (E)- and (Z)-2-Hydroxy-3,4-unsaturated Disubstituted Sulfilimines and Their Haloamidation Reaction Jour. Org. Chem 74, 4499-4507 2009
9 Stereoselective synthesis of a-hydroxy-ß-amino acid derivatives from ß-hydroxy-?,d-unsaturated sulfilimine Tetrahedron Letters 49, 3216-3220 2008
10 N-Cbz sulfilimines as valuable intramolecular nucleophiles for the stereoselective synthesis of (-)-deoxocassine and (+)-desoxoprosophyllin Tetrahedron 64, 10055-10061 2008
11 An asymmetric synthesis of (+)-desoxoprosophylline Tetrahedron Letters 49, 5169-5171 2008
12 A novel, easy and mild preparation of sulfilimines from sulfoxides using the Burgess reagent Tetrahedron Letters 49, 4256-4259 2008